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5.0% Daily
MinIMUM: $10
MaxIMUM: $2,999
Initial Deposit Included
10.0% Daily
MinIMUM: $3,000
MaxIMUM: $9,999
Initial Deposit Included
15.0% Daily
MinIMUM: $10,000
MaxIMUM: $250,000
Initial Deposit Included
Started Feb 1, 2017 / Running days 352 / Total accounts 358 / Total deposited $ 9334.4 / Total withdraw $ 2890.59 / Visitors online 2 / Jan 19, 2018 /

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Xtracoin Limited is made up of a team of traders with a 5+ years experience in investments and crypto trading experts and engineers. We invest funds on portfolio investments (stocks), forex, commodities, advertising system by team of expert staffs and trusted channel partners. It has never been this easy to have a stable and safe income! Our company Xtra Coin LTD helps you to get an incredible high return on your investments. To participate in our program you need only one thing. All you need is desire to get rich. Our professional financial team and financial advisers are always at your service. We will help you to earn easy way. We have highly profitable investment plans, and you can just choose the more interesting for you. You will be surprised how many people work for our company. Simply deposit money and wait. All the rest will be made by our experts. They are engaged in it for all life, and we can give you guarantees that you won't risk your money. To start work with us and to do profitable investments you must read the company rules and make a deposit. Start earning money today and make your life much better with Xtracoin Ltd. was officially registered and conducts financing activities under existing United Kingdom legislation. The necessary information about the company can be found on our website or in the official sources.

Our data centers
Location: Norfolk, United States
Launch date: 12/10/2015
Hash rate: 14 TH/s
Location: Galway, Ireland
Launch date: 11/08/2015
Hash rate: 10.11 TH/s
Location: Turin, Italy
Launch date: 29/02/2016
Hash rate: 9.86 TH/s
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Launch date: 11/03/2016
Hash rate: 8.8 TH/s
Location: Saraburi, Thailand
Launch date: 05/06/2017
Hash rate: 15.1 TH/s
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Why did we launch investment project?
  • to promote the use of cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services online;
  • to expand the business geography of outside the UK;
  • to develop our own network of mining ASIC equipment;
  • to reduce the costs of mining due to the involvement of the assets;
  • to expand our Forex trading profits output;
  • to help novice investors who are in search of safe investments;
  • to increase financial turnover and preparing to IPO and issuing of shares.
  • is an officially registered company;
  • investment platform is operating in automatic mode;
  • The company only takes in trust cryptocurrency - Bitcoin;
  • Our investment project accrues profits every day, 24/7/365;
  • ensures flawless and speedy processing of withdrawals;
  • site is under constant protection against all external threats;
  • Customer and technical support work around the clock.
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Is the official registrar of companies in the United Kingdom. With its help, you can anytime check whether the company is legitimate. Company No.: 10942200
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